Environmentally Friendly
Recycling Programme

The team at Docklands Recycled Furniture are extremely conscious of the impact that each and every one of us has on our environment. It is our intention to develop our Recycling Policy by reducing the amount of waste. This will be achieved by good custom and practice of purchasing materials throughout the business, and disposal of materials via our Recycling processes. We ensure that all of our trusted working partners follow the same methodology.

If redundant items are required to be removed from your office, Docklands Office Furniture can carry out this task. No matter how small or large quantity, Docklands have a rigorous Environmentally Friendly Recycling Programme. All unwanted furniture that can still be used is also donated to numerous charities, including schools, hospices and churches. The rest is broken down and separated into the wooden, metal and plastic components and individually recycled. Landfill sites are only used when necessary.

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