5 reasons why office furniture leasing is the smart finance solution for your purchase

1. Maximise Cash flow
Leasing means no initial up-front payment so you retain the cash in your business, preserving liquidity and freeing up valuable working capital for revenue-generating activities.

2. Fixed payments
Unlike other methods of finance such as bank loans or overdrafts, payments are fixed making budgeting and forecasting simpler and eliminating unexpected variations such as interest rate increases.

3. Overcome budget limitations
Spreading the cost over 3-5 years allows you to achieve the project specification of your choice, not make short term decisions based on limitations of current budget.

4. Existing bank credit lines unaffected
Leasing leaves your bank credit lines intact and free for other business development or investment purposes.

5. Partnerships and LLP’s
The 100% tax allowance offers attractive benefits to Partnerships and LLP’s who are paying high rates of tax.

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