Orangebox Spina Task Chairs

Used orangebox spina task chairs.This chair is fully adjustable and has a Syncro mech.It also has height adjustment and adjustable arms.Great for all day use and would look great in any office or your home.

The significance behind Spina, which means “spine”, is its functionality in supporting and nestling the back. Spina, a new type of chair that is a fusion of Japanese spirit and innovation. 
The concept is an extension of hospitality to the sitter. 
Spina is made to welcome and nestle close to each person, and send each one away with a lingering feeling of comfort. That’s Japan’s proud spirit of hospitality. 
Mechanism Creates Comfort in Receiving and Sending off the Sitter 
Spina’s two unique mechanisms are at the foundation of its welcoming, sitting comfort. The Passive Slide Seat (PSS) mechanism and the Active Lumbar Support (ALS) mechanism operate simultaneously so that the chair itself moves to accommodate any sitting style, to securely support the lower back and pelvis of the person sitting on it.

  • Orangebox Spina High-End Chair
  • Used
  • Grey Fabric seat
  • Black Steel Base
  • Adjustable Arms
  • Quantity 2
  • New Price Is £900 Each + Vat
  • Our Used Price Was £250.00 Each + Vat


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