Oak Urban Style Bar Stool

The Oak Style Bar Stool Black is a striking design that combines a number of contrasting textures with spellbinding results. Fixed at kitchen counter height, it is a great steady option and stackable for easy storage. The oak seat rests on the design’s four leg frame, functioning as a rustic perch for your body. Slickly combining a steely set of legs with a powder coated finish, its supportive frame lends the Oak Bar Stool Black its arresting visual edge, and interacts powerfully with the seat. Primed for success on any surface due to the inclusion of protective plugs beneath each leg, the Oak Bar Stool Black aspires to make a divine difference.
  • 1 Year Guarantee
  • Retro Design
  • Metal Black Satin Frame
  • Contrasting Oak Seat
  • Ergonomic Design
  • Stackable Structure
  • Protective Floor Plugs
  • Available In Any Quantity

Price WAS: £99.00 

Price Only: £75.00

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