Humanscale Task Chairs

Designed by Niels Diffrient and introduced in 1999, Humanscale are probably best known for its revolutionary Freedom Chair. The Humanscale Freedom chair was designed with the idea that people rarely adjust their chairs correctly, therefore the chair automatically provides the right amount of support through the recline motion. This is possible due to its very clever internal counterbalance mechanism that supports the users body at all points during recline. The Freedom chair weighs the user and sets the tension of the synchronous recline movement to suit them, so regardless of the users size or weight, the amount of support offered is never compromised. 

The intelligent self-adjusting recline means that there are no tension springs to adjust and no recline locks to set or release. This makes it ideal in situations like call centers where the chair may have many different users. The Freedom Chair model is best known for its synchronous armrests. The body friendly gel armrests move up and down together and stay with the user during recline, maintaining a supported balance. You can choose to have the Humanscale Freedom chair with or without a headrest and you decide what type of armrests suit you best. 

  • Humanscale Task Chairs
  • Used
  • Arms
  • Height Adjustment
  • Grey Fabric
  • Quantity 50 available
  • Price Was £155 Each + Vat

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